“Sailing Fun” – Greece 2017


If last year we adventured in Croatia, this year we are sailing in the east part of Greece, to the beautiful Sporade islands. Here  we visit the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonissos. There will be a large variety of attractions and beaches with clear blue water and golden sands, many turist attractions and absolutely breath-taking churches. The city of Volos – an architectural masterpiece located at the base of the Pelion mountain, Skiathos – with the most impressive beaches of all greek islands, Skopelos – is considered to be the greenest island of the Aegean Sea, little piece of heaven ideal for relaxing and enjoying the holiday, Alonissos – the island where we find lovely bays, wild beaches, pine forests, olive and lemon trees and many beautiful flowers.

Saturday 15 July 2017 Volos


Saturday we will meet in the city of Volos in Port at 17:00PM, make acquaintance, settle on boats, have a welcome drink of champagne, buy groceries and start visiting this beautiful city.


About Volos

Volos is indeed the third biggest port in Greece, opening at Pagasitikos bay and at the capital of Magnesia. What most of you don`t know, is that it is one of the most beautiful cities of Greece, a rich place with grand architecture and many sights. It is a place worth stopping  for at least a few hours and given the chance to mesmerize with its history and attractions.  The city is animated today by many cultural events,  students from the Thessaly University and tourists that discover it beyond it`s status as transit city and starting point for ferries.

Outstanding attractions in Volos

The heart of the city is the pedestrian zone named Viale Argonafton, where coffe shops, taverns and tsipouradika are waiting to please you, typical places where you will have the chance to taste tsipouro – a traditional cognac served with appetizers or dessert. The old town of Volos lies on the Jasonos, Dimitriados and Ermoud streets and vibrates at nightfall. Maybe we won`t miss a visit at the Volos Castle situated in the western city, the district of Palia, an old center of construction for galleys, part of the maritime tradition of Magnesia. Also here, the park Agios Konstantinos, located on the bay, is worth a few hours of your time to enjoy fresh air. You can`t visit Volos without entering a tsipouradiko tavern and have a taste of the local`s cognac made of remnants of wine after pressing. The city hosts no less than 600 of these taverns so it won`t be difficult to find one. You can choose the Mezen tavern thanks to its location on the gulf shores and the interesting way of combining tradition with a youthful atmosphere.  The menu consists of tsipouro, ouzo, raki but also gourmet cuisine and traditional dishes.


Sunday 16 July 2017 Volos – Skiathos

Leaving  the port on Sunday morning from navy Volos to Skiathos. The way to the island will be a special one due to the marine fauna – hopefully we will see dolphins. We sail to the Vromolimnos beach – where the smooth sand, green pine forest and turquoise water awaits and also if we like to practice water sports.  After we have lunch on yacht we could take a bath in this little paradise. The beach enjoys a very white and smooth sand, crystalline waters and is surrounded by the irresistible fragrance of pine forests. The pine forest surrounding it touches the water giving it the beautiful emerald colour. Vromolimnos is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Considered to be untouched by time, the beach is an protected environment. That doesn`t mean that visitors won`t be able to enjoy facilities such as sunbeds, umbrellas, bars and renting equipment for water sports.

In the evening we stop in Skiathos marina, where the crew will have time to get lost among the streets in search of the finest and most interesting souvenirs and photos.


Skiathos island is part of the Sporades and is near the east coast of Greece, closest to the mainland and is without any doubt one of the islands with the most impressive beaches of all greek islands. Skiathos is also one of the most popular islands in Greeece. Its beaches, the attraction of the island, have the advantage of being covered with fine sand and washed by  clean warm waters, while the pine forests and Mediterranean vegetation will create the shadows  where you cand hide from sunlight.

The region, at it`s turn, is full of restaurants, taverns, hotels and a bus liaisies this beach and the island`s capital every 30 minutes. Near the beach, there is a world of plants and protected bird species, both this place and the beach being developed for ecoturism.


Monday, 17 July Skiathos – Skopelos

On our way to Skopellos, Monday morning we leave the port our destination being Glossa, the first port of Skopellos.  In the first part of the day we visit Skopellos,  on foot or by scooters/atv-uri rented.  We have a large variety of options to choose from.  Glossa is one of the most pitoresque and visited villages in Skopellos mesmerizing visitors with narrow streets and traditional houses built in the Macedonian style (more specific, two-story houses with wood balconies and tiles roof). The village is located at an altitude of 300m above the sea level so be ready for spectacular views of the island and the sea. Although is located at only 23km form Hora, in Glossa you will discover a unique world where people still dress in traditional costumes named “foustanes” and speak the local dialect. In the evening we will organize a greek white party at one of the taverns in the area.


The Greek Archipelago consists of about 6,000 islands, but only few of them can boost a beautiful island like Skopellos. Clad from end to end in pine forests, plane trees, olives and plum orchards, Skopellos is considered to be the greenest island in the Aegean Sea, little paradise affordable and ideal for relaxing and spending the holidays. The island is located between the islands of Skiathos and Alonissos   and has a length of 17 km and a width of 8 km being the largest island of the Northern Sporades.   The landscape is dominated by two mountains that reach altitudes of over 500m, Delphi peak having an altitude of 681m, and Palouki reaching a height of   546m. It also reveals an amphitheatre line with chic beaches bathed by the waters of the Aegean Sea.

Given that we will visit the island on a yacht, there is the option to anchor and explore parts of the island that are inaccessible by land. Have you ever imagined taking a bath at sunset on a hidden beach, surrounded  by   pine trees, olive trees and sycamores? (exotic  giant tree of the same family as hard wood mulberry trees, with sweet yellowish-white fruits). If yes, in Skopelos you can make this wish come true.

Skopellos hosts no less than 360 churches and chapels so that all those who are passionate about architecture of the greek holy places will be delighted they have chosen the route proposed by SailingPass this year.  Only in Hora there are 123 churches.  One of the most famous churches of this island is Agios Ioannis the place where they shoot some scenes for the movie Mama Mia. Among the most beautiful holy places we find the church Saint Athansios, located near the Venetian Castle (the island enjoys the presence of numerous building that remind of the venetian architecture).



The history of the Skopelos island is revealed at the History Museum arranged at the house of the greek writer Pavlos Nirvanas. In Glossa you will be able to visit the Cultural Heritage Museum that hosts an exhibition meant to familiarize you with the daily life of islanders.

The island`s villages are extremely beautiful, being invaded by maze streets dressed in cobblestone, white houses built in traditional style, flavoured gardens, taverns and shops with souvenirs that will remind you of your holiday spent on the Skopelos island.

We sail from Glossa to the Mama Mia beaches!

Whether you`ve seen or not seen the movie in question, you are not going to regret a visit of these two beaches known now from the movie Mama Mia.  We will anchor here and at shore we can have our own party or just laze at one of the terrace or bar nearby.

Kastani Beach

Kastani beach is another beautiful beach that enjoys crystalline waters and white sand. It is located at 15km of Skopelos Town and it won the filmmakers with the absolutely magnificent landscape dominated by pine forests that stretch almost to the seashore. The beach became famous thanks to the movie, being the place where it was performed the song “Does your



Mother know!” and where other scenes were filmed. In spite of its popularity the beach doesn`t get crowded.

Agios Ioannis Beach

Being one of the most picturesque places in Skopelos, with its turquoise waters and natural beauty, is located at 30 km of the island`s capital and at 8 km of the village Glossa.  Although it doesn`t have any touristic facilities, the tourists visit it often to enjoy its beautiful landscape and to visit the church with the same name perched on a cliff where you can admire beautiful views of  the coasts of Skopelos and Alonissos. The church and the beach have also had important roles in the movie Mamma Mia! To visit the church you have to climb 105 steps. The island of Skopelos is the ideal place for those who want to enjoy a destination that is fresh and untouched by the specific crowd of summers in Greece.  If Skiathos is the most popular island of the Sporades then Skopelos is without any doubt a serene destination for people who love silence and nature.

Tuesday, 18 July Skopelos – Alonissos

Alonissos – beautiful island located at about 3 km of Skopelos.

Between Skopelos and Alonissos there is one of the two water parks of Greece where you can discover over 150 species of fish, 70 species of amphipods and 40 species of sponges. This is the largest protected marine area in Europe.  We will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful landscapes and discover the biggest  population of Monachus Monachus seals  –  this is a brown seal ,heavily threatened by people`s presence, that found sanctuary in this place and lives in the caves and on the isolated island`s beaches.


Our next stop will be Alonissos which, together with the northern region of Skopelos island, make the National Maritime Park. It consists of 94% water, and in addition to the two large islands (where we anchor) it includes many small and uninhabited islands.  Due to the reduced human interference, the Park hosts many and unique species of plants and animals such as the gioura goat, Eleonora falcon, Aegean seagulls, dolphins, the coral chain Corraliumrubrum or the Poseidonia underwater meadows.

It is a small island (thin and long) but so rich in sights, beautiful wild beaches, taverns, idyllic bays – our joy, the ones with boats in search of the “untouched” where we can anchor.  Attention – most of the beaches are rocky therefore your beach shoes are badly needed. Food on the island is diverse, rich in fish and seafood, but also with the traditional Greek cuisine available.

All the economic and touristic activities are carried out by taking into account a series of rules for protecting the environment. Another good news – is the only place in the Aegean Sea where we could see light shining near the surface of the sea due to microscopic bioluminescent marine species.


Wednesday 19 July 2017 Alonissos – Kyra Panagia

Kyra Panagia is an island north of Alonissos, uninhabited, with a maximum altitude of 299 meters DNM and an area of 25 square km.  There is a monastery we can visit in the eastern part named after the island.


We will spend the night at anchor in one of the two natural harbors Agios Petros or Planitis. We can explore the island, fish, sunbathe or party until dawn isolated from the outside world.

Thursday 20 Iulie 2017 Kyra Panagia

We leave in the morning with stopover Agnontas a region of Skopelos where we reload the water tanks. On Thursday night we will do night sailing to Trikeri – from Trikeri at night to Volos.

We will dock in the Port of Volos. The next morning.  Saturday at 09:00 check out the yacht.

Useful informations:

Boarding : The yachts are taken Saturday at 17:00 from the Port of Volos.

Accomodation: is made in the yacht`s cabins. The cabins have double beds but you cand also find cabins with bunk beds. In the cabin there will be the bed linen and a set of towels for each of the crew member.

The itinerary is predetermined but we can be flexible and if you want some changes you cand discuss with the yacht`s skipper. Attention, this is done only with the approval of the coordinator of the flotilla depending on weather condition and various conjectures.

We will spend the night on the yacht in port or at anchor in isolated bays.

Meals can be served both on the yacht or at the taverns of the islands we visit. Every yacht has fully equipped kitchen.

Landing is done the next week on Saturday in the port of departure. We will arrive in port Friday night.

Price 520 euro to reserve a seat in the cabin

Welcome party/ Party Marina Skopelos

The rate includes: yacht rental, boat insurance, navigation and communication equipment,  bed linens and towels, fully equipped kitchen, dinghy…unforgettable memories.

Not included:  transport to Volos, supplies of food and drinks, fuel and yacht mooring fees, yacht guarantee (refundable upon check-out)


50% deposit by March 1, 2017 and 50% until June 1, 2017